Aerial filming services

Drones can be used for TV filming, surveys, aerial photography and so much more...

Aerial Filming Services with Altitude

We are professional unmanned aerial vehicle operators that take great pride in our abilities. Our Civil Aviation Authority 'Permit for Aerial Work' allows us to legally use drones commercially for various aerial photography and aerial filming services.

Having a varied selection of drones and cameras means we can do drone filming or aerial photography for a wide range of markets, such as movie and TV filming, estate photography, aerial surveys of grounds and buildings, as well as thermal surveys. We are very proud to be fully licensed by Euro-USC and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to fly unmanned aircraft or 'drones' up to a maximum take off weight of 20kg. All our pilots come from a strong background in radio controlled modelling, with decades of combined experience on tap, as well as years of experience in photography and creative design.

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur" - Red Adair

The cameras we carry are capable of recording at 4k Ultra High Definition and 1080p Full High Definition resolution. In addition we are fully insured for public liability to £5m. Add this to our long experience of radio control flying and you have a winning combination. We are confident we can provide you with the aerial filming services you need at a sensible price.

Discover potential with our aerial filming services.

Drone filming is a great way of discovering numerous angles and vantage points, but not just for movie and TV filming, but for aerial photography, surveying and so much more. Nearly every week we discover a new way in which drones are being used to solve an ever increasing selection of challenges.

As a result if the service you want isn't on this list, please get in touch, as chances are we've not come across it.

We love what we do and can't wait to help you on your next project.

TV and Film Photography

A photograph of Chris Bradbury chatting to the presenters of BBC Click

Drone filming for TV and film is one of the most versatile ways to get shots, whether chasing a car low down at speed or pulling up high for a dramatic view.

Survey Photography

An aerial photograph of Dean Church under renovation, taken as a still whlie drone filming

Adding aerial photography to your surveys can give you so much more information, as well as making presentations so much easier to understand.

Event Photography

An aerial photograph of Ergen Motorsport preparing to race at Castle Combe race circuit, taken as a still whlie drone filming

Aerial photography and filming lets you capture the action of events live as it happens, we can even transmit live from the drone.

Building Photography

An aerial photograph of Highfield Hotel, taken as a still whlie drone filming

Let aerial photography show you what can only be seen with a little altitude. Aerial filming lets you see so much more than from the ground.

Countryside Photography

An aerial photograph of the Lake District, taken as a still whlie drone filming

From aerial photography of stunning natural views to aerial filming for TV and movies, the countryside looks even better from the air.

Indoor Photography

Our Inspire 1 Pro flying indoors showing the flexibility of drones

Using drone aerial filming techniques indoors lets you get access to parts of buildings that would otherwise be out of reach.

What we offer

We are very flexible and aim to offer an aerial photography and filming service that is specific to your requirements, as we appreciate what one client needs can be very different to another. Whether this is just looking for less or more complicated shots, or being tied to a budget.

Should you need a fully edited video, complete with graphics and credits, we can help. Should you just want the unedited video footage to work on yourself, we can do that too.


Half days to full weeks or more on location. We will discount for regular customers and large bookings.


With our portable aircraft we can shoot from one location to multiple locations in a day.


We're happy fine tuning a handful of images all the way up to full video editing with graphics.


Our in house designer is more than happy to help with making more of your images, or if you need more we can team up with our friends at Hexagraphics to create a full package.

And more...

If you're not sure if we have the full services you need, just ask, as if we can't do it we have plenty of friends that might.

Price examples

It's very hard to actually put fixed prices on line, as every job and customer wants something different. The restrictions on one site might be completely different to another and the complexity of a job may change the number of staff we need to send or dictate the aircraft we need to bring. There are then other small costs to consider, such as travelling costs, any additional site survey requirements and editing needs, which all depends on the client and location. Therefore we always prefer to quote by the job.

However the following can be used as an approximate guide.

Pilot and aircraft only

With this option the pilot-in-command also acts as the payload operator, so the camera is restricted to pan and tilt only. Please note for safety reasons the pilot-in-command will require an assistant to act as a safety spotter/observer. This can be a trustworthy member of staff or client, provided they are over 18 and reliable. The pilot-in-command will fully brief any helpers on the day.

Half Days filming from £350.00

Full Days filming from £550.00

Pilot and full support crew

With this option a co-pilot and safety team can be sent to assist the pilot-in-command and act as separate payload operators and ground safety crew. As well as giving full free movement of the camera through pan, tilt and roll, the crew can operate fully independently to complete the work.

Half Days filming from £650.00

Full Days filming from £1050.00

Stills photography editing:

From £120.00

Video editing:

From £200.00

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