Aerial Survey Photography

A very quick and easy way to inspect all angles of the outside of tall buildings from the safety of the ground

Aerial Survey Photography

From hard to reach places or just to save time, putting a drone up to survey a roof is both faster and safer than many other options. Why risk the well being of a person to inspect something in a dangerous position when a drone can do it?

We can fly up to 400ft above or below, giving us plenty of scope and versatility. Unlike scaffolding we can be set up and in the air in minutes and unlike full size aircraft, we can get much closer too. Tie this in to our 4k videoing and 16mp digital photography abilities and we can get some highly detailed images.

Don't forget we aren't just static photographers, we can take video as well. We can put our footage together in to a small movie or presentation to show your clients.

Please note: videos can only display to the quality of your monitor, so please view on a high definition screen and select 4k for the best results.

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