Welcome to our portfolio

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Welcome to our portfolio

Below you'll find links to more specific portfolios, but here is our main promotional video, we hope you enjoy.

If you don't see the kind of work you're looking for, please get in touch, as chances are we can help. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and our professional approach to getting you the shots you need.

Please note: videos can only display to the quality of your monitor, so please view on a high definition screen and select 4k for the best results.

Countryside Photography

Using the latest in portable drones and our 4x4 vehicle, allows us to access most locations and fly, even those that might be slightly further from the beaten track than normal. We can fly over lakes, trees and other obstacles to obtain either photographs or film, depending on what you need.

Building Photography

We can help estate agents and property owners get superb aerial shots of their properties. This can be used to help a property stand out when for sale on the market, or create a promotional video for a business such as a golf course or holiday park. No matter what size a property or estate is, we want to help.

Indoor Photography

With our drones, aerial photography doesn't just mean the great outdoors, as unlike a full size aircraft we can also fly indoors and other fairly tight locations. This also means we can transition between the two areas, flying in and out of buildings or between trees in the forest for example.

Survey Photography

Taking time to set up scaffolding is one way to get to the roof of a building to survey it, using out drones is another. We can be on site, set up and in the air very quickly. We can also get aerial photographs or video that looks straight down on an area to help create survey maps for planning.

Event Photography

From racing cars around a race track to launching a yacht, our aircraft let us fly safely and record the action. If you've organised a publicity event for your company, then make the most of the investment by getting aerial imagery and adding a whole new perspective to your promotional material.

TV and Film Photography

If you're like us you can't help but notice the number of television programs, music videos and films using aerial photography. This is because a drone is such a versatile camera platform, allowing for numerous angles. Link this with our 4k cameras and you've got a stunning combination.

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