Get your own Altitude

Learn how to fly a drone and get help towards your own permit for aerial work with RPAS Service and Altitude Aerial Photography

Getting your own Permit For Aerial Work can appear quite daunting, but let us help

If you're a photographer that's keen to add aerial photography to your skill set, or a model aircraft pilot looking to make money from your hobby, then we can help.

If you want to fly a drone for money in the UK, then you need a permit for aerial work from the CAA, which to obtain you need to demonstrate competancy with the theory of the law and safe flying, as well as the practical skills to do so safely.

This is where we come in, as we work closely with RPAS Service who can offer a complete course to cover theory, operations manual writing, practical training and lastly the pratical test. This puts you in the perfect position to apply for your own permit for aerial work.

To find out more about the course and training, please give us a call and ask for Chris, or visit the RPAS Service website.

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