Aerial Building Photography

Get a true appreciation for a buliding by seeing all the angles you just can't see from the ground

Aerial Building Photography

When you take photographs of a building from the ground, it can be really hard to show the full scope of the estate it is situated upon, in fact it's even possible to complete miss a vital aspect of an estate or neighbouring building. By getting the camera in to the air, we can get back far enough to show so much more...

A comparison image between photographing from the ground and an aerial photograph
A comparison image between photographing from the ground and an aerial photograph

Note how in this example image, which shows two photographs taken from exactly the same angle, that although the ground based image shows the splender of the building, it takes an aerial building photograph to show the extense of the grounds and the large entrance drive. The aerial photograph also shows the car parking facilities, the outdoor seating areas and the adjacent church, all of which are selling points this location can use to encourage people to book their facilities.

Aerial photography can help you capture all of the aspects of a building, from individual specific features to the full estate itself. For example with large hotels that cater for weddings and events, showcasing the grounds can help to prove why they deserve to be top of a couples booking list. If you're selling a property, then an aerial photograph can help showcase not only the house and it's gardens, but how it sits in the surrounding area.

Don't forget we aren't just static photographers, we can take video as well. We can put our footage together in to a small movie or presentation to show your clients.

Please note: videos can only display to the quality of your monitor, so please view on a high definition screen and select 4k for the best results.

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